A preview of the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti-DTM
for the 1995 DTM season, Spanish language.

English translation of article

"The challenge of Alfa Romeo in the ITC"

Page 2: "Fiat auto corse, the Fiat's auto group department of competition, has accepted the challenge launched by the FIA, facing the challenge of the ITC (International Touring Car Championship) promoted to a parallel range to Formula 1. the biscione's trademark takes part on it with a new evolution of the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti"

Page 3: "Given the new situation of ITC, emanating from the popular German DTM, Fiat Auto Corse decided to put all eggs in one basket abandoning their formal presence in the D2 category (whose last champion was Luis Villamil with Alfa 155 TS in Spain) to concentrate all the human effort and budget in the D1, which is governed by the ITC. For this, under the wise and seasoned baton of engineer Giorgio Pianta, has formed a team of 8 cars. Its mission is to question the hegemony established by Mercedes last year, both the DTM and ITC in the outline, its first official release is this year. This team is structured by two different racing teams. The official has two cars in the colors of Martini, led by Nicola Larini and Alessandro Nannini, and two others, sponsored by TV Spielfilm, piloted by Giancarlo Fisichella and Germany's Christian Danner. The associated equipment, JAS Engineering, has four other cars. The JAS team (a company formed by Paolo Jasson, Maurizio Ambrogetti and Giorgio Schon) has an office of 2,500 square meters located in Cusago, within walking distance of central Corse Alfa in Settimo Milanese. It feature the latest technology and two engine dyno rolling road. Although hierarchically depends on Alfa Corse, JAS has a responsible engineer, Alessandro Mariani. To drive the four cars the Scuderia has three drivers proved talent (Gabriele Tarquini, Stefano Modena and German Michael Bartels) and a rookie, the Danish Jason Watt. On the other hand, even though privately, will also defend the colors of Alfa Romeo driver Gianni Giudici."

Page 4: "To achieve the goal to beat the Mercedes and the Opel Calibra, the CEO of Fiat Auto Corse, Pier Guido Castelli, has personally led the work to update the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti. The development was based on three key areas: chassis and body, engine and transmission, and electronics. A new aerodynamic body features, especially in its front, which receives an imposing lower opening designed to channel as much air as possible to the flat bottom of the car. As for the chassis, a new indoor cage (rollbar) contributes in a sensitive way to increase the structural rigidity. Moreover, the fuel tank (now one piece) was placed in a more forward position to improve the car's center of gravity. In the engine have been modified cylinder heads and camshafts, and has worked on a new lubrication system. Regarding transmission, the gearbox has been reformed in collaboration with the British specialist X-Trac, and has been placed alongside the engine, leaving the old position in the center of the car. It has also redesigned the rear differential. As for electronics, has added a Bosch ABS system, while the integral electronic management has been entrusted to the new system Marelli, replacing the TAG system, used in 1995. With these premises, Alfa Corse will try to win a championship consisting of 13 races that count, 11 of which are place in Europe (6 in Germany, given the strong popular support he enjoys there this specialty) and 2 outside (Brazil and Japan), which gives a character intercontinental to the championship. ITC is expected to be followed by an average of 80,000 viewers per race live, and two and a half million on television."


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